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1824 Elm Street next to Historic Findlay Market
Cincinnati, OH

Dress for Success.

Textiles at Artichoke...
From kitchen towels to aprons to scrubbers, we’ve got you covered!

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Garnier-Thiebaut from France

With roots dating back to 1833 in France, Garnier-Thiebaut has become known as the designer and manufacturer of the highest quality table linens, bed linens, and accessories for the finest hotels, restaurants, casinos, clubs, and homes around the world.

Garnier-Thiebaut Linens

Textiles: Garnier-Thiebaut Fruit and Legumes (960x630)

Garnier-Thiebaut has been making exceptional jacquard fabrics for over 180 years. Two complete collections are produced each year showcasing unique designs and bold, vibrant colors. Garnier-Thiebaut is renowned worldwide as a leader in luxury linens.

We carry a beautiful selection of kitchen towels and aprons, all made of the finest cotton jacquard weaves.

Textiles: Garnier-Thiebaut Ete Envol Printemps (960x630)

Now Designs

Now Designs has in-house designers, seasoned professionals who take into account each market segment's fashion requirements, current fashion trends and existing products in the home to create designs that are transitional and practical.

Now Designs Textiles

Now Design Sawyer Apron

We have some terrific aprons from Now Designs and Danica that are classic designs and fabrics, such as the Sawyer apron, pictured.

We also have kitchen towels in fun designs to brighten your space.

Hedley & Bennett

This Los Angeles-based company specializes in professional aprons and produces an amazing product. Most of their aprons are made in the US, which we really appreciate.

Hedley & Bennett aprons

Textiles: Hedley and Bennet with Eggs

Established in 2012, Hedley & Bennett was born to inspire a sense of dignity and pride in the kitchen. Hedley & Bennett is now the leading designer of aprons and chefware, constructing garments specifically for the makers of the world.

Just like in a kitchen, they use the best ingredients in the world to handcraft your aprons! Over 15 different artisans work their magic on every apron before it’s bundled up in eco-friendly packaging and sent to our store. Each product is handcrafted from start to finish using top grade American canvas, raw Japanese selvage denim and European linens. 

Come see why we have fallen in love with Hedley & Bennett aprons.

Textiles: Hedley and Bennet Gray Chambray


Danica Designs is a sister company to Now Designs, and like Now Designs they produce on trend fabrics and kitchen items.

Danica Designs hand-crafted

Danica crocheted coaster

Danica Designs makes some great aprons and fun products like these hand-crocheted coasters. Their fabric items are reasonably priced while remaining on trend.