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1824 Elm Street next to Historic Findlay Market
Cincinnati, OH

Now You're Cooking.

Cookware at Artichoke...
Here are some examples of what you’ll find in our cookware collections. Scroll down for more unique products...


FINEX from Portland Oregon

FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Company is a small team of Portland based perfectionists dedicated to making heirloom quality cast iron cookware in the USA. Their work is inspired by the best in vintage American cast iron skillets and designed for today’s cooks and kitchens.

FINEX Cast Iron

FINEX Cast Iron

At FINEX, their appreciation for and commitment to cast iron runs deep. They consider themselves cast iron specialists who polish their smooth, easy-to-release cook surface to leave more food on your plate and less in the skillet; they make their castings thicker to optimize modern searing techniques that seal in flavors; and they add ergonomic spring handles that stay cooler so you can easily grip the pan while cooking.

FINEX believes in the inherent power and goodness of heirloom quality cookware and the cooking traditions and stories it can hold. All of their products are designed to endure years of regular use while preparing meals that connect us to our food and our family histories. Good Forever. FINEX will gladly replace any FINEX cast iron product that ever fails due to honest use.

At the FINEX Foundry


Hammer Stahl is proud to have a legacy of producing cookware in the United States since 1874. Their commitment to affordable quality and American manufacturing is what convinced us this is a line we can stand behind.

HAMMER STAHL American Clad 

Hammerstahl Saucepans (960x630)

Their 7-ply construction of Hammer Stahl's American Clad Cookware makes no compromises in design or materials, creating a best-in-class multi-clad product. The interior layer of 316Ti steel on their cookware makes it the most durable, clean, and inert cooking surface available. American Clad Cookware provides an exceptional value for superior quality, featuring 7-ply construction, stay-cool handles, all-sides cooking, 316TI cooking surface, superior capability for induction cooktops, and American manufacturing.

Hammer Stahl Group (960x630)

CRISTEL from France

Cristel, another French family-owned company, has a heritage that goes back to 1828. In 1987, under the management of the Dodane family, Cristel launched its "Cook & Serve" concept, a collection of frying pans and saucepans with removable handles, an original concept designed by Paul Dodane.

The Cristel System

Cristel_Strate_13pc_composition_bkgrndGray (960x630).jpg

Artichoke is the only midwest store outside Chicago that carries this amazing cookware system. We have tested it extensively and simply love it.

The Cristel system allows you to remove the handles for storage and to put them in the dishwasher. Because the handles are interchangeable you can make a Sauté Pan a Serving Casserole or store it without handles to maximize space. An entire set of cookware can be stored in a single drawer, a real plus for urban dwellers short on space!

Cookware: Cristel Frypan Fish No text (96x630)

Staub from France

Francis Staub designed his first enameled pot in an old artillery factory in 1974, mergin cast iron's utility with the latest technology available. Today the success of these designs has become the benchmark for enameled cast iron cookware and is the reference brand for some of the worlds great chefs including Paul Bocuse.

Staub enameled cast iron

Staub enameled cast iron

French enameled cast iron cookware that marries the expression of the artisan with the culinary imagination of gourmet chefs to produce the ultimate in comfort food. Featuring a special black matte enamel interior for non-stick braising and self-basting spikes, Staub cookware excels in providing the perfect environment for slow-cooked, flavor-enhanced meals. With a wide assortment of interesting presentation pieces in dynamic colors, Staub cookware easily moves from the kitchen to the table at home and in the finest restaurants worldwide - a testimony to their quality and endearing beauty.

Frieling from Germany

Frieling is a German company that since 1988 has cultivated strategic alliances with leading European manufacturers: emsa, cilio, durgol, Sitram, Zenker, Victorian Baking Ovens.

Black Cube from Frieling

Black Cube from Frieling

The Ultimate Cooking Surface – A world’s first: Black Cube™ combines all the benefts of stainless steel and nonstick cookware.

Imagine a nonstick fry pan that is safe for use with metal utensils and can brown like a stainless steel fry pan! Stainless Nonstick is a raised stainless steel pattern over a recessed layer of nonstick coating. This allows for browning on stainless steel without sticking and protects the nonstick coating when using metal utensils.

De Buyer from France

“De Buyer’s know-how has been committed to the culinary art and its professionals for more than 180 years. Lovers of fine cuisine will enjoy using our professional kitchen products in their own home.”

Copper Induction Cooking

Copper Induction Cooking

De Buyer has developed a fabulous line of copper cookware designed to work on induction cooktops. The utensils in the PRIMA MATERA range are 90% copper and 10% stainless steel on the inside. Copper is the best heat conductor and ensures a perfect heating circuit throughout the entire container. It provides exceptional cooking performance on any cook top, including induction, through the special iron-magnetic stainless steel INDUCTION bottom.

REVOL from France

Nine generations of the same family have run Revol since its founding in 1763. It is still made with the same wonderful craftsmanship in Saint-Uze, France, while taking advantage of modern porcelain technology. Revol porcelain is fired at very high temperatures, resulting in a non-porous surface.

REVOL Revolution Cookware

REVOL Revolution Cookware

We are exceptionally pleased to be the only store in Cincinnati that carries Revol's innovative Revolution line of cookware. These are truly revolutionary, as they are the only porcelain cookware that can be used on an induction cooktop (our favorite kind of stove!!). In addition, they go from freezer to microwave to stovetop to oven. And they are so gorgeous they can go directly to the table for serving.

Cookware: Revol Chicken Roaster (960x630)


Jens H. Quistgaard, whose vision helped define the Scandinavian Modern style, designed the original Kobenstyle series for Dansk in 1956. Elegant and durable, the newly re-introduced line maintains the beautiful shapes, the signature stay-cool handles, and the vivid colors of those first pieces. Updated for today’s kitchen, contemporary improvements mean a thicker enamel coating, stronger bonding of the enamel to the steel core, and completely coated edges that resist chipping. A classic stove-to-table design, the characteristic lid doubles as a trivet, making each piece of Dansk Kobenstyle just as much a pleasure to use in the kitchen as in the dining room.

Kobenstyle from Dansk

Cookware: Dansk (960x630)

Artichoke carries a broad selection of Kobenstyle pieces. The smallest half-quart lidded casseroles, mini lidded saucepans, and open butter warmers (no lid) come in a range of colors: white, red, teal, and blue. Larger pieces - 2, 4, and 6-quart lidded casseroles - are available in the classic "Chili Red," teal, and white. We carry the classic rectangular roast pans (no lid) in red and white. The Dansk Kobenstyle series ranges from $49.99 to $129.99. Come to the store at historic Findlay Market to see the available shapes and colors.