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OXO On provides the ingenuity and attention to design that distingues OXO products. “Simplicity, functionality and thoughtfulness - all with the touch of a button.”

OXO On Electrics

OXO On Electrics

OXO has entered the electric appliance arena with a knockout selection of essentials that have been rethought from the ground up. OXO On introduces an amazing Coffee Brewing System, Coffee grinder, immersion blender, hand mixer, and more.

A delicious cup of coffee is art and science combined: the art of extracting rich flavors and aromas from coffee grounds, and the science of time and temperature colliding in just the right way, at just the right moment. The 12-Cup Brewing System heats water in the removable kettle up to the optimal temperature to help your favorite roast reach its full potential, and precisely maintains the temperature throughout the entire brewing process. Water is measured by an integrated scale and pumped to the brew basket in perfectly timed cycles, starting with a short cycle that allows coffee to bloom for full flavor extraction. The intelligent microprocessor monitors time, temperature and volume from start to finish, ensuring the precision of hand-crafted coffee with the ease of ordering at your favorite local coffee shop. The OXO On 9-cup Coffee Maker uses the same technology to with a smaller footprint water reservoir.

The Barista Brain Coffee Grinder’s intelligent, built-in scale precisely measures grounds using the pre-set grams-to-cup ratios; if you prefer to customize, you can use the gram setting to create your own coffee ratio and grind based on weight. Durable, stainless steel conical burrs create a uniform grind for optimal brewing. The Bright Hand Mixer will help make light work of your baking adventures from beginning to end. With a light to guide you, intuitive digital controls to steadily increase or decrease speed, and a consistent, DC motor that maintains its power even as the batter thickens (like cruise control!), OXO’s Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer gives you the control to create the perfect result. And when you’re finished, the on-board beater clip, wrap-and-secure cord, and flat, stable base allow for compact, upright storage.

OXO brings the same attention to detail and superb performance to its Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer, Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender, and its Motorized Toaster. 



The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is more than a simple mixer. Engineered and made in Germany, this is an incredible machine. Featuring low and high-speed settings, our food mixer and all-in-one kitchen machine comes with a 6.5 quart mixing bowl, dough hook, and double beater and features a powerful 800 watt motor.

Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine

Bosch Mixer Cookies (960x630)

This machine is a real winner and handles a broad range of kitchen tasks. Delicate enough to thoroughly whip a single egg white to stiff peaks, it is also strong enough to handle up to 15 pounds of dough at once, ensuring an even, thorough knead. The secret behind this workhorse is its remarkably strong 800 watt German-engineered motor. It’s like having an Autobahn-ready race car on your countertop, revved up and ready to help you tackle your next culinary challenge.

The BOSCH Universal Plus Kitchen Machine’s unique design allows for you to look directly into the mixing bowl while the motor is running and the whisks are churning. This allows for careful control of your dough or batter, and also ensures clean, easy access to the bowl during the kneading and blending process. No more trying to slip ingredients down the side, fitting them in to a tiny opening, hoping the beaters don't splash every new addition right back at you. And four speeds allow for real precision while you mix your ingredients together.

With a variety of attachments  available, this countertop mixer eliminates the need for other kitchen gadgets. Available attachments include a blender, food processor/slicer/shredder, meat grinder, pasta maker,  ice cream maker, and special cake paddles to make your cake mixing perfect. 

Come in to Artichoke to see the Bosch in action. We are pleased to be one of the only select retailers east of the Rockies to feature the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine.

Bosch (960x630)


Fagor from Spain

Fagor’s mission is using resources efficiently to preserve the environment and save energy, developing highly efficient products that consume less and save money; contributing to a healthier planet.

Fagor LUX Multicooker

Fagor LUX Multicooker

Save space and need for separate slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, or pressure cooker. This one does it all beautifully!

The new Fagor LUX multicooker is an All-in-One Multi Cooker with 12 preset programs. It allows you to Pressure Cook (high and low), Slow Cook (high and low), make Yogurt, White rice, Brown rice, and even has a Risotto program that makes the best risotto you can imagine (yes, we do it all the time!) The pressure cooking program drastically reduces cooking time. Food will maintain its natural color and flavor, while cooking your meals in up to 70% less time. The LUX also has a Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker and even a Yogurt Making function. It has a 4 Digit LED screen with soft-touch controls to easily adjust time with plus or minus buttons and automatically switches to keep warm once the cooking time is complete for up to 12 hours, and also has a time delay for up to 6 hours. For safety, the self locking lid will not open while there is pressure inside the cooker. 

We have the LUX multicooker in two sizes: 8 quart and 6 quart (which is available in both stainless finish and copper finish).



Cuisinart set the standard for food processors, and has a long-standing history of receiving prestigious design awards for a wide range of kitchen tools.


Cuisinart Blenders and Food Processors

We have a highly curated selection of the best “workhorses” for your kitchen, at good values.

For example, the new Cuisinart Elite Collection® 2.0 14-cup Food Processor delivers the next big innovation for the modern kitchen. With a 4½-cup work bowl nested inside the 14-cup bowl, plus a new adjustable slicing disc, which now slices up to 10mm, and the reversible shredding disc, it provides home chefs with multiple food processors in one! Wattage has increased to 1300 for more powerful performance, and the control panel and storage case have been redesigned for a sleeker look. The simplified seal system delivers maximum bowl capacity, plus clean processing and pouring. No other processor does it better!

The Hurricane blenders are were developed to compete at the highest level at an affordable price. The CBT-2000 has a commercial grade 3.5 peak horsepower motor, and extra-large 64 oz BPA-free Tritan plastic jar, and BlendLogix oπerating technology and automatic load sensing, along with variable speed control and Turbo Boost. The CBT-1500 has a powerful 2.25 peak HP motor, 60 oz Tritan jar, and automatic load sensing. We feel these are exceptional blenders that will meet any need.

We love making ice cream and Cuisinart can't be beat for ice cream makers. We carry the Pure Indulgence Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet Maker with a 2 quart capacity. We also carry the innovative all-new Fruit Scoop Frozen Dessert and Ice Cream Maker with a 1.5 qt capacity and a unique blade that allows you to turn chunks of fresh, ripe fruit into healthy and delicious frozen desserts as well as make traditional ice cream and frozen yogurt.