Victoria Cast Iron Skillets, Grill Pans,

Victoria's handles are longer and raised to give you better leverage (without getting your hand too close to the cooking surface!). Pour spouts and “drip-cutters” keep drippings going where they should, and just the right amount of “skin” texture makes each pan smooth enough to cook right out of the box, but with enough texture to make your seasoning stick faster to create nice, tough layers of your own seasoning.


We carry a full line of Victoria products, including:

6.5”, 8”, 10”, 12” Cast Iron Skillets

13” Everyday Skillet with Loop Handles

14” Cast Iron Wok

8” Tortilla Press

Cast Iron Bacon Press

Cast Iron Comal Griddle & Crepe Pan

Large Reversible Rectangular Cast Iron Griddle, 18.5” x 10”

Silicone Handles, Large and Small

About Victoria

Victoria is a three-generation family company that has been making quality Cast Iron Cookware in Colombia since 1939. Victoria Cast Iron skillets and pans have the ingredients necessary to create a legacy: history, quality iron, strength, proven designs and simplicity.

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