Ferrum Reserve Knives

Ferrum is creating the perfect blend of modern metallurgy and artisan craftsmanship. American ingenuity is redefining quality cutlery. Handcrafted in Willamette Valley Oregon, Ferrum’s Reserve series knives feature a handle made from reclaimed Black Walnut contoured to fit perfectly into your hand.

Each knife features beautiful handles shaped from reclaimed hardwood. Ferrum's special burnishing technique and oil rub give them a luster finish. The Chef’s blade is 20% wider at the heel for improved hand clearance and superior cutting motion. Each knife is hand sharpened to a razor-sharp 16 degrees. Convex edge geometry provides long-lasting performance.

Ferrum’s modern forging techniques use powdered metal with greater  purity and density for fantastic cutting performance. They have reinvented how knives are made, reducing waste and redefining performance. Their products feature the best modern exotic materials and set new limits of build quality, style and performance. Refinements that used to be reserved only for custom knives worth thousands of dollars are standard with every knife they build.

For pricing or to order, please call 513-263-1002. We can take your order over the phone.

About Ferrum

Ferrum's design ethos is simple. They look at how people work in the kitchen and create tools that make the job easier. Ferrum makes knives that feel good in the hand and are easy to use instead of easier to produce. Their style is inspired by their own rich tradition of knife makers. Ferrum's blade shapes don’t always follow convention. They are built to look great, feel great in the hand and deliver razor sharp performance, whatever your style of cooking is. Made in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

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