Frieling by Caso Sous Vide

Frieling by Caso Sous Vide Stick, is a completely waterproof sous vide cooking appliance. It attaches securely to any stock pot and most containers and it features a touch screen that makes sous vide cooking easy and reliable.

Sous vide cooking is trending because it allows consumers to really pinpoint the best temperature to bring out the flavors of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables they love most.  It also enhances succulence, cooking the inside to perfection without any chance of overcooking.  Because sous vide is a form of slow cooking, it makes home entertaining more convenient by allowing food prep to be completed well in advance.

The versatile Frieling by Caso Sous Vide Stick is waterproof and submersible to professional-grade IPX7 standards.  It can turn a variety of stockpots or vessels into a precision-controlled water bath of up to 5.25 gallons to perfectly prepare vacuum-sealed packets of food.  The touch screen with rotary control facilitates fast and accurate temperature regulation that sous vide requires, to a maximum temperature of 194°F, adjustable in increments of 0.5°F.  The timer function can be set for up to 99 hours.  The Frieling by Caso Sous Vide Stick has an 800-watt heating capacity and operates on 120 volts with a 60 Hz frequency.

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About Frieling

Since 1988, Frieling has cultivated strategic alliances with leading European manufacturers: Cilio, Caso, Durgol, Emsa, Küchenprofi, Seltmann Weiden, Woll, Zassenhaus & Zenker. They introduced the innovative and award-winning Black Cube non-stick pans to the US. We are proud to partner with Frieling to bring you their high quality products.

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