Mastrad Silicone Macaron Kits and Mats

This elegant little kit, at an affordable price, allows you to make these popular treats like a professional. Macarons, with their soft crunchy melt-in-your-mouth shells and creamy centers, are a universal crowd pleaser. In addition, they're gluten-free! Mastrad shows you how to make perfect macarons, through recipes and useful tips included in the enclosed colorful booklet. Experience a mouthful of heaven with these elegant, light French pastries. 11 Piece - Macaron Kit Includes: 100% silicone large baking sheet with 53 ridges 500ml (16.9 fl. oz.) silicone pastry bag, 6 piping and decorating nozzles, 1 cap and 1 clip to preserve mixture between batches, as well as a colorful booklet with tips and recipes.

About Mastrad

Since 1994, Mastrad, a French company specialized in the design of culinary accessories, has been working to revolutionize the world of cooking by creating "The Art of Utility". The recipe for success: a good dose of utility, a big spoon of ergonomics and quality and the finishing touch- a pinch of aesthetics! A recipe prepared with care by great chefs ... designers!

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