Artichoke Receives Award From Cincinnati Preservation Association

The Cincinnati Preservation Association, at their annual meeting and awards on December 3, 2017, recognized the preservation efforts of Brad and Karen Hughes, along with architect Terry Boling and Design Build General Contractors. The award was given for their efforts in rehabilitating the building at 1824 Elm Street that now houses Artichoke and two apartments. The CPA states: “Formerly housing an awning company, secondhand shop and liquor store, this c. 1885 Italianate building at Findlay Market has been thoughtfully and imaginatively renovated as a gourmet cookware store and two upper-floor apartments. In the store, structural box frames compensate for out-of-square storefront windows, a ramp accommodates changes in level, and a new south window adds light and visibility. Steel galleries and a screened metal stair tower provide upper-floor access: their location, material and proportions a nod to the galleries and fire escapes of OTR tenement buildings while meeting modern code and safety requirements.”