Kyocera Ceramics

Crafted in Japan, Zirconia Z206 is Kyocera’s proprietary advanced ceramic. This one-of-a-kind advanced ceramic material has very dense particles and extremely tight molecules, which leave minimal voids. This translates into a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic knives. The thinner blade on a Kyocera Advanced Ceramic knife, slicer, or peeler means minimal resistance. Clean, precise, less-intrusive cuts, using less pressure, are what make the Kyocera ceramic utensil so unique.

We carry Kyocera’s most popular advanced ceramic knife series.. They are lightweight for ease of use in repetitive slicing tasks, producing less fatigue on hands and wrists. These  ceramic blades are ultra-sharp and hold their edge up to 10 times longer than traditional steel blades.

• Always use a plastic or wood cutting board. Avoid cutting on marble, stone, glass, plates, or tile.

• Not meant for carving, prying, boning, and cutting hard foods, including hard cheese which involves twisting and/or flexing and requires a more flexible material, like steel.

• Kyocera knives are dishwasher safe however, place them on the top rack separate from other metal utensils.