Magimix by Robot-Coupe

It is in the heart of the Burgundy region, that Magimix invented, more than forty years ago, the world’s first food processor – revolutionizing the catering industry. Designed and made in France, Magimix is the perfect aid for food preparation.
Magimix’s early experience in professional kitchen equipment has  empowered them to design simple, efficient and durable products. This company pays particular attention to the quality of the materials and components we use to ensure that all our domestic appliances are built to last a long time when used for domestic purposes. Thus, any Magimix food processor, blender and juicer motors are guaranteed for 30 years and made to be repaired if the need should arise. The longevity of these products ensures less waste is generated, therefore less strain is put on natural resources.


We can also Special Order anything they offer – Please reach out to for more information about placing a special order or call 513-263-1002 and speak to someone in store!