Cookware | Cristel

The story of Cristel began in 1806, with Frédéric Japy, a visionary entrepreneur who began a mill production which he handed down to his sons. In the 1990’s, the company became Cristel and Paul Dodane designed the revolutionary Cook & Serve concept that focused on a removable handle system and exceptional performance on induction cooktops. Cristel firmly established its leading position in the French market and its presence grew to over thirty countries, with products appearing on the shelves of the most famous stores in Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, New York, London and other major capitals. Renowned names in French cuisine expressed their affinity with the brand. All pieces are made in France, Dishwasher safe, come with a Lifetime Garauntee and are compatible on any cooktop.

We proudly carry the Cristel Strate Line and use them in our test kitchen. Stop by at any time to see our pans after several years of use, or try them out yourself!

We can also Special Order anything they offer – Please reach out to for more information about placing a special order or call 513-263-1002 and speak to someone in store!