Cutlery | Kikuichi Cutlery

For more than 150 years, Kikuichi Cutlery has been producing knives with the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship as our samurai swords. Our knives are not manufactured in a large factory, instead, our production method is similar to the old guild style of manufacturing common in Japan and Europe.
In this production method, artisans specialize in a specific part of the production process to create a single knife. Bladesmiths, Sharpening masters, Handle makers, and Finishing experts all contribute to the production process. A minimum of 4 master craftsmen work on each knife before it is ready for the Kikuichi logo and the chrysanthemum symbol.

Today, Kikuichi Cutlery continues to add to their historic legacy. Kikuichi Cutlery has been operating within the same family for 4 generations.  With the retirement of Yasuo Matsuoka in 2017 after more than 50 years at the head of the company, the reins of the company passed down to a new generation, our current President and CEO, Ikuyo Yanagisawa.  Not only did Ms. Yanagisawa take the lead of one of Japan’s most storied cutlery companies, but she is the first woman in Japan to ever be in this role.

We can Special Order anything they offer – Please reach out to for more information about placing a special order or call 513-263-1002 and speak to someone in store!