Bamix Pro-100 M150

100% hand-built in Switzerland, the Bamix features an AC motor for more torque and durability (vs. DC motor used by other brands). With a motor designed to last a lifetime, it also has a chromated brass shaft for strong durability. Cutter guard design creates perfect vortex; food is drawn into the blade for thorough processing. The Bamix ks balanced and optimized to reduce vibration and noise, and functions at constant speed under load. The sealed motor housing allows safe immersion in boiling liquids.

About Bamix

Invented in 1954, bamix® is still the world leader in immersion blending on 5 continents. It quickly and easily handles any daily kitchen chore large or small. Offering a combination of power and durability, it quickly chops, purées, beats, mixes, froths, stirs, and emulsifies. The versatility of this handheld machine makes for quick and easy work in the kitchen, replacing many other appliances such as food processors, blenders, mixers, grinders, and whisks, even ice cream machines!