Berard Millenari Salt Cellar

Millenari is a bi-material collection with Olive Wood and Reinforced Concrete. In white chalk or dark grey, Millenari products bring technicality to the kitchen. The presence of concrete allows great stability and good performance. Thanks to its tight and hard grain, the olive wood offers great durability and a real charm in the kitchen.

The Millenari salt cellar's olive wood lid has two magnets, allowing you rotate the lid to one side to access the salt, or to remove the lid entirely.

For pricing or to order, please call 513-263-1002. We can take your order over the phone.

About Berard

Since 1892, Bérard (located in the mountains of Royans, which borders the northern edge of Provence) has specialized in the design of boards and kitchen utensils in wood. Bérard is committed to responsible wood sourcing. Every Bérard item is produced by respecting the nature that surrounds us, so that the next generation can enjoy the beauty that we have come to know. Their products are designed with a deep respect for the natural resources they use to create them. Building on years of craftsmanship, they utilize the branches of the trees to create their product, allowing the tree to continue to grow and thrive fo centuries to come.

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