Dreamfarm Fluicer

Your main squeeze.

This Award-winning juicer is the best design on the market right now! It squeezes more juice out than any of the other options we've carried. We had to break up with our previous juicer to get this one on the shelf - the performance speaks for itself! (Sorry Old Juicer! There's a hot new star in town.)

Two-handed sideways pivot operation provides increased leverage using the larger muscle groups of your arms instead of hands, requiring less effort than a traditional press.Slimline design folds completely flat for space-saving storage. No bulky humps or bumps to try to fit into a drawer!

Unique hinged mechanism presses the fruit in half from the sides like juicing with your hands, requiring less force than squashing the fruit flat like traditional juicers.

In-built pip catcher strains juice and offers extra control by acting as a funnel to direct juice flow into a glass or small bowl.

About Dreamfarm

Dreamfarm is a fun company from the land down under, Australia. While they treat their product naming with a certain irreverance, they take design and function very seriously. They take an innovative approach to problem-solving, and have come up with some truly amazing  (and award winning!) products.   [embed]https://youtu.be/61ZfKlEpFj0[/embed]