Food Huggers

Food Huggers® keep your left over half fruits and vegetables fresh so that you have more time to enjoy their nutrition, flavour and freshness.

Food Waste is one of the Greatest Environmental Challenges We Face

More than 48% (almost half) of all the fresh fruits and vegetables purchased in the United States get thrown directly in the trash. The largest contributor to landfills in the US is Food Waste. It takes more than 25 YEARS for some produces to fully decompose in landfills.

Food Huggers help retain 23% more moisture than food stored in baggies or plastic containers.
That is a lot of extra freshness being saved and waste prevented

About Food Huggers

Products with a purpose. The average American family of four, throws away $1600 a year in groceries that are tossed out and not eaten. Food Huggers goal is reducing the use of disposable products that need to be bought over and over again as well as making sure the food you buy gets eaten are two ways to save money while also saving the environment.

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