GIR Spatulas, Spoons, Turners

A combination unibody construction and patent-pending fiberglass core sets our utensils apart from ANY other kitchen tools on the market. Unlike tools with wood, plastic, or metal components, GIR’s pharmaceutical grade silicone won’t: warp, melt in the dishwasher, get to hot to touch, show burn marks, splinter, come apart, or trap food particles or germs.

About GIR

After thousands of hours in the kitchen using two-piece spatulas and similar utensils that just didn't cut it, the founders of GIR (Get It Right) decided to create a category-killing line of tools that solved the problem for good. Seven Kickstarter campaigns and thousands of rave reviews later, they're keeping the faith by staying true to the Get It Right mission. Expanding on their line of kitchen tools, they have designed the ultimate in silicone lids.

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