Jars Cantine Line

Quite simply beautiful and practical, the everyday collection. Renewed from the workshops.
Simple glazes you love forever.

A glossy finish with fresh colors.

Any piece of Jars is handmade and designed to mix and match - any piece can come in an array of available glazes shown below. Stop in store to see these Striking pieces in person and pick the style that speaks to you!

We can also Special Order anything they offer – Please reach out to info@artichokeotr.com for more information about placing a special order or call 513-263-1002 and speak to someone in store!

cantine-gris-oxyde-ceramique cantine-vert-argile-ceramique cantine-craie-ceramique cantine-rose-buvard-ceramique

Jars artisan ceramics believes in having fun with an infinite palette of glazes and tactile materials, pushing the boundaries of shape and protecting its Jars’ stoneware has organic charm. A true luxury in everyday living, yet completely natural. Each Beautiful piece of Jars Dinnerware is handmade in France. This dinnerware is meant to be mixed and matched to create art in tablescape. Stop in store to check out the striking colors and textures of these gorgeous lines you won’t find anywhere else in our region.