Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Ceramic knives arevideal for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.The Kyocera ultra sharp ceramic blades stay sharp 10x longer than steel, won't brown foods or transfer metallic taste or smell, are rust-proof, stain-proof and germ resistant, and are comfortably ergonomic and perfectly balanced.

Made in Japan of proprietary Kyocera Advanced Ceramic, Zirconia Z206, with product Warranty & Lifetime Sharpening.


About Kyocera

Crafted in Japan, Zirconia Z206 is Kyocera's proprietary advanced ceramic. This one-of-a-kind advanced ceramic material has very dense particles and extremely tight molecules, which leave minimal voids. This translates into a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic knives. The thinner blade on a Kyocera Advanced Ceramic knife, slicer, or peeler means minimal resistance. Clean, precise, less-intrusive cuts, using less pressure, are what make the Kyocera ceramic utensil so unique.

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