Lekue Calm Tea Ritual Set

The Calm Tea Ritual Set is a kit for preparing tea at home. It includes the infuser Calm Tea Infuser, two Cozy Teacupand a free hermetic ceramic jar, exclusive in this kit, to store your teas. The infuser is made up of two jugs and a filter that work like an hourglass. Discover your daily tea ritual that will help you slow down time and find your moment of pause, happiness and wellness at home.

The borosilicate glass cups are stackable with each other. Its shape fits perfectly in the hands to be able to feel the warmth of the tea. They are ideally shaped to be placed on top of the jar, thus saving space when stored. The jar is an hermetic and opaque container with a capacity of up to 150 gr to better protect the tea from light and external elements. In case of having more than one, its shape allows them to be stacked with each other.

Infuser: 17 oz (500 ml) | Cups: 8,5 oz (250 ml) x 2 | Jar: 5 oz (150 ml)
Infuser: microwave (jars only) and dishwasher | Cups: microwave and dishwasher | Jar: dishwasher


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