Opinel paring knives

Opinel paring knives bring a French design classic into your kitchen. With their brightly colored beechwood handles, they will delight any cook. Exceptional cutting ability and very easy sharpening make these knives a "Must Have" for any kitchen. Perfect for chopping, peeling, slicing, and paring fruits, vegetables and trimming meats. With their stainless steel blades and stabilized beech wood handles, they are dishwasher safe.

About Opinel

Opinel has been making wonderfully beautiful, functional and affordable knives in France since 1890. The first Opinel pocket-knife was manufactured by Joseph Opinel in the Savoie region in the heart of the French Alps. In their commitment to preventing a negative impact on the environment (pollution from transport, deforestation ...), 95% of the wood for Opinel's handles comes from sustainably managed French forests.   https://youtu.be/40oW9Ny72Lk