Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine Mixer

The German-made Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is many appliances in one. In addition to mixing, kneading and whipping, with the purchase of additional accessories, it can be used as a blender, meat grinder, pasta maker, or shredder/slicer. The unique bottom drive allows easy addition of ingredients. Its powerful belt-driven transmission ensures adequate torque for almost any recipe, even kneading up to 14 loaves (15 pounds) of whole grain bread dough or mixing up to 34 dozen cookies in a single batch. Made in Germany.

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is available in White, and now in new Black with Stainless Steel Bowl.

About Bosch

The original BOSCH Mixer dates back to 1952. First introduced in Germany, it was geared towards German homemakers, then became popular throughout Europe. In 1974, the BOSCH Mixer was introduced and exclusively distributed throughout North America. After more than 40 years and only three redesigns, the BOSCH Mixer is still a powerhouse, capable of both light- and heavy-duty kitchen tasks. What is truly unique about BOSCH Mixers is the powerful motor and belt-driven transmission.

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