Dreamfarm Flisk

A whisk worth taking.

Flisk twists to create 3 whisks from 1 – a large balloon whisk for whipping, a sauce whisk for shallow liquids, and a flat whisk for deglazing.  Folds completely flat for space-saving storage that won’t get tangled up with other tools in your utensil pot or drawer.

Clean in 2 seconds flat.

To clean, simply twist Flisk into a flat whisk, scrape off excess ingredients, and put it in the dishwasher. No disassembly, and done in no time at all.

Flisk’s 10 wires are made from high-vibration spring steel for maximum aeration efficiency and are hygienically sealed within its ergonomic handle.


About Dreamfarm

Dreamfarm is a fun company from the land down under, Australia. While they treat their product naming with a certain irreverance, they take design and function very seriously. They take an innovative approach to problem-solving, and have come up with some truly amazing  (and award winning!) products.   [embed]https://youtu.be/61ZfKlEpFj0[/embed]