Emile Henry Pie Dish

Pie is truly and American invention, so, it is ironic that a Frenchman, Jacques Henry, was granted a United States Patent for an American Pie shape. This Emile Henry design lends the traditional American pie a uniquely rural, French perspective. The pie plate from Emile Henry design features delightfully scalloped edges, bringing to mind the edge created when pie dough is fluted by hand. The Emile Henry pie dish, like all Emile Henry oven-to-table-ware, is a natural product handcrafted from Burgundy clay, highly resistant to breakage, can go directly from the freezer to the oven, and will not craze or discolor.

This item is available in Flour White or Burgundy Red.

 9" x 9" x 2.2"
 1.5 QT (1.4 L)

10 year guarantee on all Emile Henry products! Warranty covers any production fault or quality problem with the product when used in a normal domestic environment, and respecting the care and use instructions.

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