Edge Knife Works Handcrafted Knives

Making custom knives in Northern Kentucky for over 2 years, Joshua Fisher has been fascinated by knives his whole life. He uses high quality carbon steel for all of his knives, beginning each as a rough bar that is then forged and cut down to the desired profile. He then roughly grinds the bevels before heat treating the blade to harden, and follows that by tempering. After tempering, Joshua finish-grinds the blade, cleans everything up, and puts a handle on the knife. Numerous small steps and attention to detail are required to finish each custom-made knife.

We love beautifully crafted knives, and are particularly impressed with the craftsmanship, balance, and materials found in these kitchen knives from Edge Knife Works. Each knife is unique, reflecting the artisan process of designing the form, crafting the blade, fashioning the handles, and attaching them with brass rivets. And each knife from Edge Knife Works comes in a beautiful hand-made custom wood box.

About Edge Knife Works

Joshua Fisher, founder of Edge Knife Works, forges all of his knives using traditional techniques and tools to stand up to the needs of modern users. These knives are beautifully crafted and have a lifetime guarantee.