Fractal Pottery Noodle Bowl

These large porcelain bowls feature holes on one side and a notch on the other for carrying chopsticks. The rich charcoal black porcelain exterior is sanded to a velvety smooth texture that feels exquisite to hold, and the notch doubles as a convenient place to slurp your broth from (if that's your kinda thing). The clay and glaze is fully food-safe, and is dishwasher, microwave, and oven compatible.

As with all hand-made items, sizes are approximate and there will be variation from piece to piece. Holds 2.5 cups. Approximately 4.25" tall and 5.25" diameter.

Handmade in Cincinnati, Ohio.

About Fractal Pottery

Noah Desch, of Fractal Pottery creates Hand-made small batch pottery made from finely sanded hand-thrown porcelain with food safe glazes. All glazes are made on-site, ensuring they’re lab-tested and food safe ready. All items are microwave and dishwasher compatible. Most items are oven compatible. This pottery is meant to be stylish, refined, and used daily. Noah is a local Artisan and Artichoke Customer! Come see his beautiful pieces in person at our 1830 Location. We regularly feature his Noodle Bowl, Mug, Soup Mug, Shot Glasses, Cup & Garlic Roasters.