Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch

Messermeister was the first to turn the industrial soldering tool into a user friendly culinary food torch. With their adjustable flame, the torches can caramelize sugars, melt cheeses, char peppers and tomatoes, brown meats and more. This torch has a 2000°F Jet Flame which is adjustable, safety lock and meets CPSC Child Safety Requirements.

About Messermeister

Messermeister, meaning “knife master”, remains one of the few cutlery companies in the world to produce hammer forged knives the tried-and-true way in Solingen, Germany. After emigrating from Germany to the United States by way of Australia, founder Bernd Dressler combined his respect and interest in high quality cutlery with a desire to reconnect with his countrymen by collaborating with and learning from a 4th generation knife making family in Germany.

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