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A Cut Above.

Cutlery at Artichoke...
Nothing beats a great knife. We believe in quality cutlery that will last a lifetime.

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Wüsthof from Germany

Wüsthof has been family owned for seven generations since its founding in Solingen, Germany over 200 years ago. Every Wüsthof knife is still made by expert craftsmen in this legendary German city to this day.

Wüsthof Classic

Wusthof Classic knives

Every Wüsthof knife’s blade is stamped “Solingen” to indicate the steel is made in this legendary German city. Other German manufacturers’ knives are actually made outside Germany. Wüsthof’s Classic line has been its best selling collection for generations. The triple-riveted traditional forged Classic series offers the widest range of cutlery, for both professional and home cooks. We carry a selection of the most essential Wüsthof Classic knives and sharpeners.

Global from Japan

Global Kitchen knives are well known around the world as one of the finest knives available, praised for their elegant modern and distinctive design, their excellent cutting performance, and easy care one-piece stainless steel form.

Global G, GS, GSF Series

Global Knives

Global pioneered the one-piece stainless steel kitchen knife in 1985 in Japan and debuted in European markets at the Ambiente (Mess Frankfurt) in 1988. We can meet your needs with a range of Global G-Series, GSF-Series, and GS-Series knives and sharpeners, both individually and in limited sets. The G-Series is the basic model for kitchen knives assuring sharp, light, and clean use; the GS-Series is comprised of small sized knives supplementary to the G-series; the GSF-Series also comprises small knives supplementary to the G and GS-Series.

We also carry a beautiful modular knife block designed by Global to complement your knives.

TB Groupe from France

Tarrerias Bonjean (TB Groupe) is the leading kitchen knife manufacturer in France. TB was established in 1742, in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery. Their family-owned business is one of the oldest companies in the greater Thiers area still manufacturing knives to this day.

Furtif Evercut Knives

Cutlery: TB Furtif Collection (960x630)

These beautiful knives are crafted from tempered, superior French steel, an alloy especially designed for cutlery manufacturing with exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion. This series features the unique and revolutionary EVERCUT® technology which allows the knives to hold an extremely sharp cutting edge for over 25 years without requiring any sharpening at all. TB created a new material from titanium carbide, one of the hardest materials on earth after diamond. Using a state-of-the-art laser beam (at a 7000°F instant temperature), they fuse this ultra-solid material onto stainless steel to create the cutting edge of the blade. This process allows them to combine the flexibility of stainless steel with the durability of titanium carbide, which results in an unbreakable, everlasting cutting edge. 

Messermeister from Germany

Messermeister is the premier brand of authentic German knives still utilizing the original hot drop hammer forged manufacturing process.

Royale Elite and Oliva

Messermeister Royale Elite

Each Messermeister knife is handcrafted from the finest quality carbon steel alloy and industrial strength handle components.

Royale Elité combines a beautiful American Walnut Burl handle to a fine German stainless steel alloy blade. Walnut burl features a rich deep brown flared pattern and is prized for its hard, strong characteristic as a handle material. The blade is one piece of hot dropped hammer forged German high carbon stainless steel that has been hand crafted into a fine cutting instrument. This vintage style knife is one of a kind and sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Cutlery: Messermeister Oliva (960x630)


Kyocera Advanced Ceramic is crafted in Japan of proprietary advanced ceramic that translates into a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic knives.

Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera’s ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade will retain its original sharpness at least 10 times longer than steel blades. It is rust-proof, will never brown foods, is impervious to acids and oils, and has no metallic taste or smell. Advanced ceramic is a pure & healthy alternative.

Typically half the weight of metal-based knives, the Kyocera ceramic knife offers total ease of use with the most difficult cutting tasks. Ergonomic handles produce a well-balanced, highly controlled grip, enhanced by the fact that advanced ceramic does not absorb any food element, allows just a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel.

Shun from Japan

Inspired by the blade-making traditions of ancient Japan, today’s highly skilled Shun artisans produce blades of unparalleled quality and exquisite sharpness, each requiring at least 100 handcrafted steps to complete.

Shun Classic

Shun Classic Knives

According to the folks at Shun, “In Japanese, ‘Shun’ (pronounced ‘shoon’ and rhymes with ‘moon’) is the precise moment during the year when any particular food is at the peak of its perfection. Shun is when fruit is at its sweetest, when vegetables are perfectly ripe, perfectly fresh, and perfectly delicious. Shun is in harmony with the natural rhythms of the seasons. Shun Cutlery proudly takes its name from this Japanese culinary tradition of preparing and eating the very freshest food at the perfect ‘shun’ moment...”

At Artichoke we carry the Shun Classic Line. Shun is listed as one of Oprah’s favorite things in the January 2016 issue of O Magazine. Readers learned why it's worth it to invest in Shun's fine, handcrafted heirloom-quality knives.


Tovolo makes well-designed colorful kitchen tools that creatively solve problems.

Tovolo Comfort Grip knives

Tovolo's colorful system

Tovolo has created an affordable system of colored knives with coated Stainless Steel blades, designed to handle any task. The non-stick surface of these high carbon stainless steel knives makes slicing and dicing more manageable while ergonomically balanced soft-grip handles make precision cutting a dream. These extremely affordable knives range from $7.99-$12.99.