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1824 Elm Street next to Historic Findlay Market
Cincinnati, OH

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Classes and Events

At Artichoke we strive to provide demonstration cooking and classes to meet the needs of all levels of cooks. We are uniquely situated at Ohio’s oldest continuously operating public market, the historic Findlay Market in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. We will help you learn more about the wonderful finds at the Market and how to create amazing dishes with them in our state-of-the-art kitchen.

We keep our class sizes very small, so you will have an intimate experience with our exceptional instructors. All of our classes provide demonstrations of how to prepare each dish, along with tastings of each and full recipes to take home. You will have plenty of opportunity to interact with your instructor to make the most of your learning experience. 


We remain open after class for your private shopping, and you will receive 10% off any purchases of regular priced merchandise.
Pre-paid reservation required.

Seating is limited ;  2-hour classes limited to 8 seats,  1-hour classes limited to 12 seats

Visit the store or call 513-263-1002 to reserve.
Please carefully review our Registration and Cancellation Policies by clicking here.

Since all classes are BYOB, please feel free to stop by Market Wines beforehand, where their knowledgeable staff can help you select an appropriate wine to bring with you. We’ll provide the glasses and openers!


Two-hour Classes

Our two hour classes include tasting portions of all recipes demonstrated, providing a "light" dinner along with your learning experience. We provide seating for 8 participants around our demo kitchen, so you have an intimate class with our instructor. You'll learn techniques for preparing a complete menu in an intimate setting that allows for plenty of interaction with your instructor.

Since all of our events are BYOB, we’ll be happy to supply the glasses for you to sip your favorite vintages throughout the evening. We suggest stopping by Market Wines before class so their knowledgeable staff can help you with an appropriate pairing.

Pre-paid reservation required
Seating is limited to 8 students
Visit the store or call 513-263-1002 to reserve; note our cancellation policy below.

Please carefully review our Registration and Cancellation Policies at


One-hour Classes

We have developed a unique lineup of one-hour demonstration classes. Most classes are on Thursday, but occasionally we have a special class on another night; please check days/dates carefully when scheduling. 


Artichoke is more than your favorite source for top-quality cookware and kitchen equipment. Artichoke is a community space and event center with an active demonstration kitchen. Treat yourself to the full experience! Come enjoy a fun-filled evening of camaraderie and culinary tips and tricks. Sample recipes while learning from our demonstration chefs as they work their kitchen magic. Classes are casual, intimate, and informative – so we welcome everyone from the novice to the seasoned home cook.

Our one hour classes include tasting portions of all recipes demonstrated. The informal tone of the class allows you to wander through the store and explore items at your leisure, to stand around the kitchen counter and observe the demonstration, or to pull up a seat for a close-up view of the techniques and products used for the class. Since all of our events are BYOB, we’ll be happy to supply the glasses for you to sip your favorite vintages throughout the evening. We suggest stopping by Market Wines before class so their knowledgeable staff can help you with an appropriate pairing.

Pre-paid reservation required
Seating is limited to 12 students
Visit the store or call 513-263-1002 to reserve; note our cancellation policy below.
Please carefully review our Registration and Cancellation Policies at




As we did last summer, we are taking a brief hiatus over the summer, and plan to be back in the fall with more cooking classes.  

Sign up for our emails at the bottom of this page so you will receive notices of classes once we add them.

We also are happy to accommodate requests for special events. Just call us at 513.263.1002 and we can help with your special event of 8-12 people.



Previous Classes

Here are some examples of classes we have done, most of which have been sold out. Let us know if you'd like us to repeat them!


Perfect Pairings Sauce Class with David Willocks
[approximately one hour]

Whats Cooking: David Willocks (960x630)

Chef Dave shares his secrets to great sauces. You’ll learn to make grilled salmon with chimichurri sauce and crispy smashed baby potatoes with aioli. Learn how the perfect sauce can complete a dish, and develop a repertoire of sauces based on these fundamentals.



Venezuelan Arepas Dinner with Ruth Zanoni
[approximately 2 hours]


Ruth grew up in Venezuela and will share her love of Venezuelan arepas, the traditional little corncakes stuffed with all manner of savory fillings. In this two hour class you will learn how to make arepas filled with carne mechada and avocado cilantro sauce, fried plantains, Venezuelan black beans and white rice, topped off by fresh mango sorbet. Note: Gluten Free class, Lactose Free Class


Steakhouse Secrets with David Willocks
[approximately one hour]

Whats Cooking: Steak (960x630)

Take home some simple steak skills and transform your ribeye – no more dry, flavorless filets! The night’s menu includes: Juicy herb-grilled coulette steak with pommes frites (french fries) and black olive aioli.



Intro to Indian with David Willocks
[approximately two hours]

Whats Cooking: Indian Food (960x630)

Indian food has a complicated reputation – fiery, greasy, and impossible to learn. Don’t believe the gossip. Come and experience an evening of fresh, healthy Indian cuisine and leave with tricks of the trade that you can showcase at home. The night’s menu: Red lentil dal with spinach, marinated chicken in tomato curry, and fluffy basmati rice.




Traditional Challah Bread with Ruth Zanoni
[approximately one hour]

$35 per person, pre-paid reservations required. Limit 12 people.

Whats Cooking: Challah

Ruth teach you to make a traditional Jewish Challah bread, as well as a variation for a sweet Challah with raisins. From kneading to baking, you’ll learn how to create the perfect bread.



Biscuits with David Willocks
[approximately one hour]

What's Cooking: Biscuits

What’s better than breakfast for dinner? In this eye opening class, Chef Dave of The Baker’s Table shares his secret techniques for hand-made biscuits and pairs them with a rich maple butter.



Indian Cooking 2.0 with Dave Willocks
[approximately 2 hours]

Whats Cooking: Indian Food (960x630)

This class follows up on the wild success of our “Intro to Indian” class and introduces students to the world of hand-rolled Indian flatbreads. Chef Dave teaches participants to mix, roll and cook the classic fried bread called Puri, and round the meal with a spicy chickpea curry and a yogurt salad.



Madeleines with Karen Hughes
[approximately 1 hour]


Another French classic made simple. Learn the history of madeleines and how to make both the traditional lemon-scented version and a savory version ideal for cocktail nibbles.



Holiday Cocktails with Rachel Moore (aka Ginny Tonic)
[approximately 1 hour]

Join “Ginny Tonic” (Rachel Moore) for another in our series of cocktail classes. You’ll learn (and sample!) three great new cocktails for your holiday celebrating: French 75 - a classic champagne cocktail Rosemary Poinsettia - modern vodka cocktail Hot Rum Punch - colonial classic hot drink



Decorating Holiday Cookies with Meredith Dolle
[approximately 1 hour]

Whats Cooking: Meredith Dolle

Learn tips and tricks for making beautiful, festive cookies this holiday. Get decorating ideas from a pro, as we join Meredith Dolle for some serious cookie decorating. She’ll show you the tips and tricks of making your holiday sugar cookies too gorgeous to eat! Meredith is a lifelong resident of Cincinnati. She recently started her own small business baking and decorating cookies. Within a few short months, she already ships orders cross-country and supplies many theme parties with delicious baked goods. She is excited to share all the tips and tricks she's learned.



Baking Pies with Teeny Morris
[approximately 1 hour]

What's Cooking: Teeny Pies

Learn from a real professional how to bake the perfect pie. Cookbook author Teeny Morris of Teeny Pies – a ‘lady bakership’ she started in Washington, D.C. – comes to the Artichoke demonstration kitchen in order to show us how to create beautiful, homemade finales for our holiday dinners. Teeny will instruct students how to blend and roll out her signature whole-wheat crust, a family recipe she inherited from her grandmother. She will also share some of her favorite Fall fillings: browned butter pecan and apple crumb. And pick up an autographed copy of her book, Teeny’s Tour of Pies!



A New Take on Turkey with Hannah Luken

Thanksgiving Turkey Spatchcocked

Hannah shows you how to spatchcock a turkey so you will have no more problems with parts of the bird cooking unevenly, and demonstrates how to perfectly roast it. Hannah is a master butcher and will impart her secrets for making quick work of your turkey (or chicken). She also shows you how to bone a thigh and stuff it, as well as how to disassemble a turkey for roasting, à la Julia Child.


Italian Seafood Risotto dinner with Ruth Zanoni
[approximately 2 hours]

Whats Cooking: Risotto (960x630)

Learn how easy it can be to make a perfect Venetto-style Risotto dinner. Ruth, fresh back from a month of inspiration in Italy, will show you how to make this satisfying and delicious Italian classic along with a fish accompaniment.


No Fear Fish: All About Fish and Seafood with Hannah Luken
[approximately 2 hours]

What's Cooking: Fish And Shrimp (200x5)

No floundering.
Just for the halibut.
Don’t skimp on the shrimp.
Hannah Luken, who has over 7 years of professional experience with fileting, butchering, and preparing seafood and meats, shows you how to alleviate your fear of seafood. She demonstrates how to filet a fish, cook a whole fish, make ceviche, and prepare the best fresh tuna salad you've ever tasted using her own recipe that appears in the Findlay Market Cookbook.
Learn how to choose fresh fish and how best to cook it.


Fall Cocktails with Rachel Moore (aka Ginny Tonic)
[approximately 1 hour]

What's Cooking: Fall Cocktail (960x630)

Join “Ginny Tonic” (Rachel Moore) for another in our series of cocktail classes. You’ll learn three great cocktails for fall:
Aztec Orange
OYO Maple Bourbon Sour
OYO Milk and Honey


Make-Ahead Autumn Brunch with Daniel Tonozzi
Daniel shows you how to prepare a make-ahead brunch menu. We begin with an oatmeal bake you can put in the oven the day before. Then we put together a brandied apple compote and serve it on top of a light, puffy Dutch Baby Pancake. Your own homemade breakfast sausage adds a very special touch for morning guests. Recipes include:
Oatmeal Bake
Dutch Baby Pancakes with Brandied Apple Compote
Homemade Breakfast Sausage


Whole Grain Salads with Terri Schmitt
[approximately 1 hour]

Head into fall with hearty and satisfying salads – perfect for an easy autumn meal at home and great for taking to work for lunch. Your coworkers will be jealous! Terri Schmitt will be in the Artichoke demonstration kitchen to show us how to prepare a variety of whole grains and combine them with modern vinaigrettes and tasty greens. You’ll come away with three amazing hearty salad recipes. Recipes include:
Rye Berries with endive, haloumi cheese, and orange zest
Quinoa and Spinach Salad with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cherries
Wild Rice with chili lime vinaigrette and arugula



Easy Summer Cocktails with Rachel Moore
[approximately 1 hour]

What's Cooking: Summer Cocktail (200x5)
Mix it up for summer.
Splish splash.
Mastering the art of the cocktail.
What is better on a hot day than a cool cocktail?
Join OYO Distillery’s Rachael Moore (aka “Ginny Tonic” of the Charley Tonic Hour podcast) for a class that will up your cocktail game and have you ready to host a cool summer party.
Rachel will demonstrate how to make syrups from fresh ingredients and use them in summer cocktails. Learn her secrets for using ingredients like fresh rosemary or peaches to impart a unique flavor profile.



Vegetarian Oasis with Terri Schmitt
Fresh and flavorful for spring!
Menu (vegetarian):
Carrot and cashew soup
Tabouli loaf
Sprouted vegetable salad
In this class, veteran cooking instructor Terri Schmitt teaches you to put together an entire menu that is seasonal and vegetarian. Take advantage of local produce and spring flavors to create a full meal as light and colorful as a field of May flowers. You’ll end up serving these recipes all year once you learn how wonderful a vegetarian menu can be.

Flavor Bomb Spring Appetizers with Terri Schmitt
Big flavors in little bites!
Menu (vegetarian):
Morrocan carrot spread
Beet, apple, horseradish mash
Endive scoops filled with Greek lentil salad
Vegetable crudité
Exotic flavors help you put together a vegetarian buffet that will wow the neighbors the next time they come over for drinks. Up your appetizer game with these innovative recipes that will seal your reputation for hosting the happiest of happy hours.

Derby Day Drinks, with Rachel Moore
Get ready for Derby Day!
A classic mint julep is a treat any time of year. Learn how to mix champion cocktails that will have you running to the winner’s circle. You can bet that this class will be a real winner.
Join OYO Distillery’s Rachael Moore (aka “Ginny Tonic” of the Charley Tonic Hour podcast) for a class that will be a sure bet for upping the ante on your Derby Party. We wager you will be the hit of the party with her trio of mint cocktail recipes, featuring the Derby essential Mint Julep.
What says Derby Day better than a Mint Julep? Now you can learn to make this classic and some additional mint cocktails and be the hit of your Derby party.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration with Ruth Zanoni
A fun fiesta for family and friends.
Cocktail de camarones
Tacos al carbon
Pico de gallo
Frijoles y arroz
Flan de ron
Go beyond guacamole! Learn to make a real Mexican feast that will help you celebrate with traditional flavors and authentic recipes. Serve your guests a variety of dishes that show off Mexico’s wealth of ingredients – from the briny depths of the sea to the sun-soaked plains to the rugged mountain tops. Olé!


Pi[e] Day, with Teeny Morris
Tuesday March 14 (Get it? Pi...3.14), 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Pi[e] Day - 3.14 - is a day to celebrate in the kitchen. So get ready to roll, fill, crimp, flute, bake, and serve your finest pastry. Teeny Morris, the brains and brawn behind Cincinnati’s only lady pie bakership, will be in the Artichoke demonstration kitchen, helping you get in some early training before developing this year’s entry for the county fair.

Culinary Covers, with Terri Schmitt
Tonight’s special menu comes from celebrity chef Mario Batali and his flagship restaurant Babbo in Greenwich Village, New York City. Our instructor, Terri Schmitt will be using the first spring peas and fresh mint to fill luscious homemade ravioli. She’ll pair them with a basic tomato sauce flavored with Merguez sausages – a spicy lamb sausage from North Africa. This is the perfect meal for those cool spring temperatures that make you long for the arriving warm weather.
Pea, Mint & Parmesan Filling (for Ravioli)
Pasta Dough for Ravioli
Tomato & Merguez Sauce

It's Greek To Me, with Ruth Zanoni
Get ready for a cooking lesson worthy of the School of Athens. This evening will have you yelling, “Opa!” as you learn to cook up a feast bursting with Greek flavors. Imagine the taste of olives, lemons, and oregano drenched with Mediterranean sunshine as Ruth shows you how to prepare a feast that would make Socrates himself drool. Just bring your own Ouzo - and please refrain from throwing any plates across the room!


Arabian Nights, with Ruth Zanoni
Did you ever wonder what Scheherazade had for dinner before telling all those stories? Imagine what wonderful flavors inspired her famous imagination and fortified her for each evening’s tale. Get to know how to fill your own kitchen with the exotic perfumes and flavors that spiced up the life of this remarkable woman!
Fragrant shawarma
Homemade pita bread with tahini
Fattoush salad Walnut baklava


Perfect Pairings, with David Willocks
Who says you shouldn’t gild the lily? Get ready to overload your Instagram account #OTT – Over The Top. Up your kitchen game with two sauces that perfectly pair with your favorite grilled proteins. Transform a steak into a culinary classic with a rich sauce flavored with shallots, tarragon, and vinegar. Update salmon with a new twist of South American flavor. Learn simple steps that will take your supper from simple to chic.


Carnevale!, with Ruth Zanoni
Artichoke is putting the fat in Fat Tuesday with this over-the-top Cajun class. Drive away the midwinter blues with the bright colors of Mardi Gras. Come celebrate with Ruth in true New Orleans style and learn recipes that will spice up these long, cold evenings. She'll be doing a spicy jambalaya as the main course. Swapping out Findlay Market for the French Quarter, this is a menu worthy of Bourbon Street.


Southern-Fried Soul Food, with David Willocks
When it’s cold outside, nothing is more welcome than a kitchen table laid with everyone’s favorite comfort foods. So get ready to pull out the cast-iron skillet and learn to fry up a chicken dinner that is sure to be a winner, along with cole slaw and collard greens. David will demonstrate a Southern menu that will warm up any winter night.


Cocktails 101
Learn to mix classic cocktails like a ‘mad man’ at this fun evening of food and (very adult) drinks.


Venezuelan Arepas Dinner with Ruth Zanoni


Whole Grain Salads
How to prepare a variety of whole grains and combine them with modern vinaigrettes and tasty greens.


Meat And Potatoes
How to properly sear and serve a nice piece of beef along with classic steakhouse sides.


Bringing on the Heat Southeast Asian Style
Spice up the season with exotic Asian flavors. The highlight of this dinner will be a Malaysian-style Nyona chicken curry with rice. Ruth will serve it with a green papaya salad – Som Tum – from Thailand. And to complete the meal, she will show you how to make Khao Neeo Mamuang, sweet rice with coconut and mango.


Healthy and Hearty Cooking for Winter
A nutritionally balanced, delicious meal using the right tools shorten prep time. Our focus is on the benefits of eating foods close to their original form and of including fermented foods at each meal. Luscious Beet Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Rosemary Red Soup, and a seasonal fruit dessert.


A Cozy Fall Dinner
We’ll start with an appetizer of artichoke crab cakes with tarragon lime aioli, followed by baked salmon marinated in brown sugar and spices, quinoa with sautéed with vegetables, and end with apple puff pastry tarts.


A Taste of the Iberian Peninsula
How to improve your Spanish (cooking) with a sampling from Spain and Portugal, including Bunuelos de bacalao (cod fish croquettes) for appetizer, Paella as a main course, and Almond Flan for dessert.


Tapas are small-plate bar snacks from Spain. Set up on the counter, they accompany the chilled glass of sherry, wine, or beer that people quaff after a long day of work but before sitting down to supper. We begin with a Spanish tortilla – a thick omelet made with potatoes, and also learn to make miniature meatballs made with beef and chorizo, served in a spicy sauce, and little shrimp al ajillo, cooked with garlic and olive oil.




News and Blog

Our new mural by internationally acclaimed artist D*Face, part of BLINK 2017 (10/27/17)

Who We Are: DFace Mural (960x630)

Come see our new mural by internationally acclaimed London-based artist, D*Face, courtesy of BLINK.


Cast iron and why we love it (2/23/17)

We love cast iron, and here we explain what is so great about it and what we carry at Artichoke.

Cookware: Finex Wusthof JKAdams (Karen Monzel Hughes)


Meatloaf Memories (8/30/16)

Memories and recipes for the nostalgia of meatloaf.

Meatloaf scene (Samantha Theobald)


Ice Cream! What could be better on a hot July day? (7/21/16)

Ohio sweet raspberries...peaches...What could make a better cold, sweet treat?

Blog: Ice_Cream (Karen Hughes)



Can't stand the heat? Then get in to our kitchen! (6/15/16)

Artichoke will offer its first cooking class on June 25. We're getting great media coverage and spaces are selling quickly!


Making Macarons in May at Artichoke (5/10/16)

Macaron Demonstration by Taren Kinebrew of Sweet Petit Desserts at Artichoke on Saturday May 14

Blog: _Mastrad_macaron


Cristel Event and Sale (4/28/16)

French Chef Virginie Woo of Cristel demonstrates healthy gourmet cooking in our kitchen, and we will have 20% off all Cristel products from May 7-15 Read more...

We're making real progress! (11/2/15)

Check out the progress on our building renovation. We have just put in windows and sandblasted the cast iron storefront. Read more...

We are Artichoke! (9/18/15)

We’ll be opening at Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine as a curated cookware collection. Artichoke will be a unique store at Findlay Market where the adventurous cook can find pots, pans, and visions for all their cookware needs as well unique handcrafted items for the kitchen. Read more...